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2016-2-14 10:21:52 作者: 来源:官方


  【WoWS 0.5.3 PT服二测后确认的改动】


  来自 Redditor和iku_19

  Defensive Fire damage multiplier hasbeen reduced to 3x (was 4x)



  Hindenburg, Roon, and Hipper AA hasbeen modified


  Hindenburg Twin 55mm Turrets havebeen replaced with single 55mm turrets


  a few Roon single 55mm Turrets havebeen replaced with 40mm turrets


  a few Hipper 55mm Turrets have beenreplaced with twin 37mm turrets



  Ibuki secondaries have been modified, a few 127mm turrets have beenreplaced with 100mm turrets.



  New ensigns added:


  WG Staff Flag


  Closed Beta Weekend Test ParticipantFlag


  Alpha Test Participant Flag


  Closed Beta Test Participant Flag


  New achievements added:


  Closed Beta Weekend Participant


  ST Participant


  WG Staff


  WG St. Petersburg Staff



  Q.Please explain to us how will long-range AA work in 0.5.3.


  Forthe sake of clarity, let’s take an aura with 100dps.


  1. With manual targeting (100dps + 100%) +30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 260dps. We then add AA boost and get 260 * 4 = 1040dps

  1.在手动锁定目标的情况下(100dps + 100%) + 30% = 100 * 2 *1,3 = 260dps。然后我们开了AA技能就会是260*4变成1040dps

  2. With manual targeting (100dps + 100%)+ 30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 260dps. Whe then add AA boost and get (100dps + 100% +300%) + 30% = 100 * 5 * 1,3 = 650dps

  2.在锁定目标情况下100dps+ 100%) + 30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 260dps。开了防空技能后是(100dps + 100% + 300%) + 30% =100 * 5 * 1,3 = 650dps

  3. With manual targeting 100dps +100% + 30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 230dps. With AA boost, we get 230*4 = 920dps.

  3.在手动锁定目标情况下100dps +100% + 30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 230dps. 开了防空就是230*4 = 920dps.

  4. With manual targeting 100dps +100% + 30% = 100 * 2 * 1,3 = 230dps. With AA boost, we get 100dps + 100% +300% + 30% = 530dps

  4.在手动选定的情况下100dps + 100% + 30% = 100 *2 * 1,3 = 230dps. 开了防空技能后100dps + 100% + 300% + 30% = 530dps

  The base aura damage ismultiplied by each bonus, including the captain skill [so it seems that n°4 iscorrect]



  Inpatch 0.5.3, 500lb bombs will we replaced by 1000lb bombs. Will they also haveincreased penetration?


  Yes,they will have increased penetration (about 20mm)


  Q.I have some cammos I won laying around in my port. If I put them on a ship andenable auto-resupply, will they be automatically purchased when my stockeventually run out?


  A.If the cammos are no longer for sale, you won’t be able to purchase them withauto-resupply.


  Q.Does torpedo acceleration also increase their detection range?




  Q. Developers don’t want to create “pay to win” situations, but what do you intend to do if this type of situation arises? Since your stance is “we don’t nerf premiums”, we can only watch when such situation arises, no?


  And you seem to have forgotten about the Nikolai. According to information kindly provided by ArdRaeiss, his winrate with Nikolai is 7-8% higher than with BB’s of the same tier, and 10% higher than the battered Myogi. In my opinion, you should do something about it. What do you think?


  Your colleagues from WoT (yes, yes, I know that ships aren’t tanks), when making premiums, kept a “security cushion” by introducing the principle of “premium machinery isn’t as reliable”. You don’t have such cushion. How do you intend to implement new premiums, since experience has shown that you regularly make balancing mistakes with premium ships, so that they become seal-clubbers?


  A. Nikolai is no longer for sale. We don’t plan to change its stats. In my opinion, it’s a good and efficient ship, that is, most importantly, very competitive with BBs of its tier, which explains its popularity.


  We intend to run technical production tests in order to anticipate this kind of situations. If you want to help, please apply for ST.


  Q. Has there been any fix to the chance of fire of cruisers against BBs? In my BB, I was more often set on fire (during the last 3-4 days), and the fire damage seemed to be higher (about 1,5-2x higher). Is it possible the fix affect only certain ships (I played with my Fuso).


  A. There wasn’t any fix. If you’re talking about 0.5.3 PT, it’s possible that many players use Demolition Expert instead of AFT. It wouldn’t explain the higher fire damage though. According to server stats, there wasn’t any significant difference.


  Q. What is the reason behind the nerf to Hindenburg, compared to Zao?


  little analysis:


  HE damage is 2300 to 3400 (for Hindenburg and Zao respectively). Chance of fire is 11% to 19%. Why such a difference?


  If you tell me that it’s because Hindenburg AP shells do more damage, well the difference is minimal (5900 to 5400). Moreover, for AP shells to be effective, the opponent needs to sail broadside. And at tier 10, there isn’t many “railway drivers” [players who sail in a straight line, showing their broadside], and most of them are constantly maneuvering, so AP shells aren’t very effective.


  Carrying on. You could say that, compared to Zao, torpedo tubes firing angle is better. Yes indeed but first of all, their range is only 6km, and secondly, at tier 10, the battles are fought at long range. And thus, they can only be used very rarely. You could say that they can catch a stray BB lost in between islands. But that is pure fantasy.


  Nexttopic. Maneuverability. Why is the German ship so sluggish in comparison withthe Zao?

  Speed:also lower.

  Detectionrange. In this category as well, the German ship loses hard. If theZao captain max out its detection (with skills and modules), it can nearlyhave the detection of a DD.

  Theonly advantage Hindenburg has is firing range (with or without modules). Butconsidering the opponents are often maneuvering, it’s very hard to hit at thatrange. And if you take into account the nerf to HE damage, shells don’tpenetrate, and even if they do, they do minimal damage. I won’t speak about AP shellsas I have explained my standpoint above.

  Itturns out that Hindenburg is worse in all categories (except range).

  Explainto me why?

  另一方面机动性, 为什么德国船跟藏王比起来这么笨重速度也慢

  隐蔽性同样的,德国船烂的可以. 藏王如果把隐蔽性搞到最高(通过舰长技能和插件)那几乎和DD差不多了

  兴登堡的唯一优势就是射程了(有或者没有插件), 不过考虑到对手总是在机动, 这么远几乎打不着.而且你们还砍了HE弹. 炮弹根本就打不穿.即使打穿了也是最低伤害.AP我上面已经说了我就不说了


  Hindenburg has outstanding rangeand ballistics. Nevertheless, Zao need a rework, thank you for reminding us.

  A.兴登堡有优秀的射程和弹道. 然而藏王会挨锉刀的.感谢提醒(要下刀子?)

  Q.Can you tell us how many HP do gun turrets have? It seems to me that ships withless turrets (2-3) lose one or more turrets more often than ships with a lot ofturrets.

  Q能告诉我们炮台有多少血么. 好像炮塔少的船比炮塔多的船更容易坏

  I can’t disclose thatinformation. However, I can tell you that the number of turrets doesn’t matter.


  Asfor turret destruction, it doesn’t seem so. It depends more on turretprotection [armor].

  对于炮塔的损坏其实和血量没啥关系, 那个取决于炮塔的装甲